Administrative Affairs

Committee Assignments

University faculty, staff, students, and administrators show their commitment to the University by serving on committees!

For questions about a specific committee’s role and responsibilities, please email a committee’s chair/co-chairs.

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Administrative Computing Committee

James Miller

To coordinate common Utah Tech University administrative software and hardware related issues between the various functional areas on campus. To review, approve, and coordinate administrative computing related data standards, improvements, and modifications to the administrative computing system.

Katie Armstrong, Cindy Biehahn, Andrea Bringhurst, Steven Bryan, Brenten Canfield, Andrew Goble, Randy Hunt, Dustin Johnson, Lucas Jones, Rae Matalolo, James Miller (Chair), Vicki Peacock, Just Pfeifer, Candi Pierce, Travis Rosenberg, Jenny Smith, Tyson Smith, Julie Stender, Matt Tyler, Mark Walton, and Robyn Whipple

Campus Planning Committee

Sherry Ruesch

To review and make recommendations regarding campus planning and physical plant issues; to develop the annual state-funded capital development project request list; to review and recommend changes to the campus master plan; to seek student, faculty, staff, and community input for improving campus buildings and grounds, and to inform and educate the University on planning issues.

Del Beatty, Eliezer Bermudez, Kelly Peterson-Fairchild, Jon Gibb, Seth Gubler, Brad Last, Stephen Lee, Paul Morris, Eric Pedersen, Sherry Ruesch (Chair), Brenda Sabey, Mark Walton, and Kyle Wells

Clery and Public Safety Committee

Blair Barfuss and Ron Bridge

The mission of the University Clery Committee is to solidify that necessary processes are followed to ensure the University’s compliance with the Clery Act.

Blair Barfuss (Co-chair), Jason Boothe, Ron Bridge (Co-chair), Becky Broadbent, Jenny Callahan, Megan Church, Matt Devore, Seth Gubler, Hazel Sainsbury, Michael Lacourse, Wes LiCalzi, J.D. Robertson, Travis Rosenberg, Josh Thayn, Ali Threet, and Tasha Toy

Employee Benefits Committee

Travis Rosenberg

To secure the best benefit package available for faculty and staff within the limits of the resources available, and to create or review policies regarding benefits.

Michelle Cabana, Angela Child, Shandon Gubler, Jan Maxfield, Joyce Meyer, Travis Rosenberg (Chair), Kim Seaich, Staff Association President and President-Elect, Faculty Senate President and President-Elect

Events And Centralized Scheduling Committee

Megan Church and Josh Thayn

To collaborate resources and assist in coordinating events to assure proper use of University facilities and positive event results. Review and coordinate bi-weekly schedule and vet campus event requests.

Blair Barfuss, Katie Bornstein, Jenna Brown, Don Christensen, Megan Church (Co-chair), Nate Eaton, Isaac Esplin, Mike Garcia, Katie Gomm, Susan Hart, David Howell, Jeff Jarvis, Scott Jensen, Chewi Lockhart, Ginger Nelson, Vicki Peacock, Tyson Pulsipher, Sarah Ramaker, Corey Reeves, Jenny Smith, Brooke Sullivan, Josh Thayn (Co-chair), and Roger Watson

Event Sponsorship Committee

Vicki Peacock and Jenny Smith

Review and apply policy to approve/disapprove event sponsorship and alcohol requests.

Del Beatty, Jason Boothe, Jeff Jarvis, Scott Jensen, Paul Morris (Admin Oversight), Sherry Ruesch, Josh Thayn, and Roger Watson

Facilities Space Committee

Michael Lacourse and Paul Morris

To oversee all space owned by the University, manage space modification requests, establish a campus space policy and associated procedures, evaluate requests and assign space accordingly, review project plans and assure funding and support for approved modifications, and advise the President’s Cabinet of the appointment of space on campus. Click here to submit a Space Modification Request Form, or send your request via email to


Del Beatty, Michael Lacourse (Co-Chair), Paul Morris (Co-Chair), Corey O’Bray (DSUSA Student Rep), Sherry Ruesch, Jordon Sharp, Courtney White

Ex officio members: Christine Arlotti, Scott Ford, Jon Gibb, Vicki Peacock, and Jenny Smith,

Housing And Dining Services License Appeals Committee

Don Steck

This committee reviews student appeals for release from Housing and Dining Services contracts.

Angela Child, Katie Nye, Don Steck (Chair), and DSUSA Representative
Ex-officio: Seth Gubler

Information Technology Governance Committee

Mark Walton

To develop IT plans and policies, prioritize IT projects, and set processes in place for the orderly development and improvement of IT services aligned with campus needs and priorities. Assist with setting the direction for IT and IT services with policy needs of faculty, staff, and students.

Eliezer Bermudez, Andrew Goble, Jeff Jarvis, Scott Jensen, Stephen Lee, James Miller, Eric Pedersen, J.D. Robertson, Travis Rosenberg, Sherry Ruesch, Brenda Sabey, Julie Stender, Mark Walton (Chair), and Kyle Wells

Risk Management and Safety Committee

Don Christensen and Josh Thayn

Promote a safe campus environment and protect the State of Utah and the University from liability and monetary loss due to property damage or theft by reducing risk in our buildings and grounds, as well as injury to our students, faculty, staff, and other visitors to campus. To do this, we try to limit risk by keeping the campus as safe as possible.

Jessica Abbott, Karen Bauer, Sonja Blea, Katie Bornstein, Ron Bridge, Michelle Cabana, Susan Caton, Alex Chamberlain, Don Christensen (Co-Chair), Rico DelSesto, Jon Gibb, Samantha Green, Seth Gubler, Moana Hafoka, Luke Kerouac, Stephen Lee, Lori Mayfield, Travis Rosenberg, DSUSA Representative Devon Rice, Scott Skeen, Kelly Smith, Josh Thayn (Co-Chair), and Malinda Whipple

Web Oversight Committee

Eric Pedersen and Mark Walton

Ensure that content, quality, and consistency standards of web development are met and that oversight decisions are made on a timely basis. The Web Oversight Committee will be able to informally meet on a regular basis to quickly address issues, as they arise, through email and other forms of immediate communication. The desire is to create a small, nimble, veteran group that will provide oversight of web development. The Web Oversight Committee provides oversight to the work of the Web Creative Working Group.

Aaron Campbell, Darlene Dilley, Ryan Hobbs, Student Body President (Designee Cory O’Bray), Eric Pedersen (Co-Chair), Jordon Sharp, Mark Walton (Co-Chair)